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Frequently Asked Questions


FULL TEEN PROGRAM $269 30hrs of classroom and 6 behind the wheel lessons. Students must be at least 15 and no older than 17.5 to enroll in the full teen program.


Attention: all classroom sessions beginning after July 1st will run Mon-Thursday to help try and accommodate, vacations, sports, jobs etc for our students. 


Students 15.5 or older taking traditional classroom and paid in full are eligible to receive their permit after the 4th day of class!! Unlike other schools who have taken away the traditional interactive classroom option. 


We pick up for behind the wheel within our large driving area. Please feel free to request a map. Scheduling is now done online and can be accesssed 24/7. Current driving students will be emailed a link. New students will get information during class.

 Complete your program for $269 if paid on or before the first day of class ($299 if you make payments) includes classroom and behind the wheel instruction

 Does our program meet state requirements?

Yes it does. The $269/$299with payments) program which is called the “6-6-30” program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction, and 6 hours of behind the wheel observation.   

Payment plan schedule 

$50 first day of class, $75 second Monday of class, $75 3rd Monday of class. Final $99 is due when the student picks up their MV3001 form to receive their Permit. 


Registration is the first day of class at the normal class time. Students need to bring a pen, notebook and their payment. Everyone will fill out paperwork once this is done we will start class, if a parent is not available to attend registration the forms that require a parent signature will be sent home with the student to be returned the following day. You are more than welcome to pre-pay for your student via credit card over the phone if you do not wish for your student to handle their own payment. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We Accept cash, checks or credit cards. (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) for our teen driving program. You can make your first payment on the first day of class, pre-pay over the phone by credit card or make arrangements to stop in and pay in person at our office by check or cash. Gift certificates are available.

How many classes can my student miss?

Students may not miss classroom sessions except in the case of emergencies. Students may not miss more than 4 hours of classroom in total, this includes missing an entire class, coming late or leaving early. Students will need to make up any classes (or portions of classes) missed. If a student misses more than 4 hrs per Wisconsin law they will be dropped from the current class but they may return to the next class session (that openings allow) from the point they started missing at no extra cost. We do not charge them to return to the next class. 

How old does my son or daughter need to be to start taking your class?

Students must be at least 15 years old and up to 17.5 to take our teen driving course. 

How old does my son or daughter need to be to obtain their learners permit?

Students must be 15.5 years old to obtain their learners permit.

When will my son or daughter obtain their Instruction Permit?

During the first four days of class we will prepare your son or daughter for their state permit test. The actual permit is obtained from the DMV once your student is 15.5 or older and all fees to the school are paid in full.. 

What happens if my son or daughter takes and finishes the classroom portion before they are 15.5 years old? When will my son or daughter obtain their instruction permit in this circumstance? 

When a student that has not reached 15.5 years old takes our course we simply hold onto the  MV3001 form they need to take to DMV to obtain their instruction permit and you can come pick it up when they are old enough. 

What documents do I need to bring to the DMV to pick up my son or daughter’s instruction permit after they pass the permit test? 

When you go to the DMV to obtain your son or daughters State Instruction Permit, you must bring your insturctor signed MV3001 form (that we give your son or daughter in class), a certified copy of your son or daughters birth certificate, their social security card, and any ID with your son or daughters signature such as library card or school ID card with signature. A parent ID, it can be from another country.

Do I need to make an appointment with the DMV to obtain the instruction permit? 

No, you can just walk in to any DMV Service Station with the above mentioned paperwork to obtain your son or daughters instruction permit. You must arrive at least 45 minutes prior to closing to take the permit test.

Does my son or daughter need their Instruction Permit to begin their behind the wheel lessons with you?

Yes, your son or daughter must have their instruction permit in order to begin their behind the wheel lessons.

Are there any hidden fees in your pricing?

Absolutely not. After your son or daughter passes their state instruction permit test, you will have to pay the DMV $35.00 when you pick up your son or daughters instruction permit.  The only other way you would have to pay us more money would be if you want your son or daughter to take additional behind the wheel lessons (at $40.00 an hour) or if you “No-Show” us for reschedule a behind the wheel lesson with less than a 24 hour notice. When this happens we will charge you a fee of $30.00. Each School has a cancellation fee ours is quite low. We hate doing this and would much prefer to pay an instructor to actually work. Just as you expect to get paid for the hours you are scheduled to work, so do they and are paid whether the student shows up or not. Giving us 24 hrs notice gives us an opportunity to put a different student in that spot. 

My student completed classroom with you how do I set up behind the wheel?

Please ask your student. This was gone over in depth with your student during classroom they also were given a hand out with 2 copies one for you to keep and one to sign and return when the behind the wheel rules. Please note that if you do not take your lessons at regular intervals you will not be completed in 6 months. Setting up your lessons is your responsibility. We will not cancel other students appointments to accommodate you because you neglected to set up your lessons in a timely fashion. Driving is a huge responsibility. 

Are you licensed to do business?

Yes, we are licensed and bonded with the state of Wisconsin Department of Transportation.  Our documentation is displayed at our classroom at 4342 S 27th Street in Milwaukee WI 53221.